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14th - 23rd December 2023

Afrofest Africa 2023

Welcome to AFROFEST SA, the ultimate destination for lovers of authentic African music! We invite you to join us for an unforgettable experience as we celebrate the rich and vibrant sounds of Africa, both local and from the African diaspora.  The festival aims to unite South Africans around the belief that we are all Africans, and promotes a sense of African identity that recognises and celebrates the inclusive multicultural tapestry of the African continent.  

The project will bring artists from Canada to perform with and alongside South African talent for cross-promotional and educational purposes and to connect the South African and Canadian musical industries.

The 2023 project will also launch AFROFEST CAPE TOWN as an annual self-sustaining event and thereby create a lasting legacy in promoting a positive image of African culture.


Afrofest SA is a celebration of the rich and diverse musical traditions of the African continent. This festival brings performers, musicians, and enthusiasts from all over the world to experience the sounds and rhythms of Africa, together.

Experiencing African music is a journey into a world of rhythm, melody, and cultural richness. Whether you are listening to the haunting sounds of the kora in Senegal, the soulful vocals of a South African gospel choir, or the upbeat rhythms of Nigerian afrobeat, African music has a way of captivating the listener and taking them on a journey through the traditions and histories of the continent.
Experiencing African music live is a truly unforgettable experience. The energy and joy that emanates from the performers can be infectious, and the audience is often swept up in the celebration.

Experiencing African music is a rich and rewarding experience that can open up new worlds of sound and culture

Creating a Legacy

Aside from creating a platform for professional musicians, AfrofestSA will showcase new and emerging artists who are pushing the boundaries of African music and bringing fresh perspectives to the genre. We believe that by giving a platform to these up-and-coming artists, we can help to nurture and support the future of African music.


Our commitment provides opportunities for these emerging artists to not only showcase their talents, but also to give them the opportunity to work with, and learn from veteran musicians on our festival stage. By doing so, we hope to expose them to new audiences and help them to build their fanbase.


By investing in new talent and nurturing the future of African music, we hope to ensure that this rich and diverse genre continues to thrive for generations to come. We believe that by creating a space for artists to express themselves and connect with audiences, we can help to keep the spirit of African music alive and vibrant.


The Nexus of African Music

Prepare to be transported to the heart of Africa as we bring you AFROFEST, the largest annual African music festival outside of Africa. This year, we’re proud to present AFROFEST Africa in the breathtaking city of Cape Town. Join us at the Southern most tip of Africa from the 14th to 23rd December 2023.

Feel the Heartbeat of Africa

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the magic of Africa at AFROFEST Africa in Cape Town, December 2023. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the sounds and rhythms of the African continent.


Afrofest 2023 will take place at multiple venues in and around Cape Town, including in the surrounding townships. Stay informed by joining our mailing list.


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